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Xamarin FAQ and Tips

This page provides tips for using the Xamarin platform and some solutions for some problems you may encounter when using Xamarin or coding in C#.



Where can I download Xamarin?

  • You can download Xamarin from xamarin.com/download for free. If you are a Mac user, you will need Xamarin Studio (included in the installation). If you are a Windows user, you can use Xamarin Studio or Visual Studio (included in the installation).
  • In the tutorials on this site, we will be using Xamarin Studio (for consistency). If you are developing apps for Android you will also need Xamarin.Android (on Windows or Mac), and for iOS app development you will need Xamarin.iOS (on a Mac). These options are available in the installation and the instructions are provided on the Xamarin website.
  • If you are developing apps for iOS, you will also need Xcode installed (which is also free from the Mac App Store).
  • The installation is quite large so it may take some time to download and you will need plenty of space.

The Xamarin installation failed. Why?

  • The Xamarin installation may fail if you lose your Internet connection. However, the common cause of a failed installation is that you do not have enough storage space left on your computer to download and install the necessary files. Make some room and then try again.

Note: This resource is under construction and constantly growing. Check back soon for more information!

What is Xamarin?

Welcome to the tutorial series on building mobile apps for Android and iOS with Xamarin and the C# programming language. In this tutorial series you will learn how to use the Xamarin platform to design and develop mobile apps for both major smartphone operating systems – Android and iOS.

Xamarin logo

With Xamarin, you can build native apps without having to know Swift, Objective-C, and Java. Most of the code you write in C# with Xamarin can be used for both Android and iOS, making it much easier to write native apps for both platforms. Xamarin allows you to write native apps for different platforms with native UI, native API access, and native performance using a shared C# codebase, the same IDE, language, and APIs anywhere.

In this tutorial series, we will start by installing and getting to know the Xamarin platform and basics of the C# language, and then we will learn how to make a basic Android and iOS app. The great thing about learning C# is that you will also be able to use that language to develop amazing 2D and 3D games for several platforms in Unity 3D by following the tutorials here.

The next tutorial will show you how to download and install Xamarin for Windows and Mac OS.

Note: CodeMahal is not endorsed by or associated with Xamarin in any way. CodeMahal provides free tutorials on using the Xamarin platform.