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Adding toggle buttons to an Android app with Xamarin

This tutorial will show you how to add and use ToggleButton elements for Android apps in Xamarin. ToggleButtons are like on/off switches that only have two possible states and can only be in one state at any one time.

Toggle buttons in an app look like this:


Step 1

To get started, create an Android app solution in Xamarin and open the Main.axml file from the Resources > layout folder. Drag a ToggleButton element on to the screen from the toolbox and give it an Id (eg. @+id/toggleButton1).


The default text for a ToggleButton that is on is “ON” and the default text for a ToggleButton that is off is “OFF”. However, you can change this from the Properties panel.


Step 2

Add a Text (Medium) element to the screen that will display a change in result (eg. ToggleButton switching from off to on). This example TextView is named @+id/resultTextView1.


Step 3

Save the Main.axml file and go to the MainActivity.cs file. Define and set up the ToggleButton and TextView elements in the code and add a CheckedChange method which checks when a change in state is detected. The if statement will check if the ToggleBox is checked and will display the result.

Click the image to see a larger version.

Now go and test your app and this is what it should look like…