If you’re after easy-to-follow coding tutorials then you’re in the right place. CodeMahal has a range of tutorial series which introduce you to several languages including HTML and CSS, JavaScript, C#, PHP and MySQL, C language, Java, and Python.

Each tutorial series starts right from the beginning so if you’re new to programming then there’s nothing to be afraid of. The C#, Xamarin, PHP and JavaScript tutorials will take you from the basics all the way through the more advanced concepts. You’ll also learn different approaches to programming such as the Object Oriented programming paradigm, and concepts that apply to many other languages.

Please select from one of the coding tutorial series below.

HTML5 & CSS3HTML5 & CSS3 JavaScriptJavaScript
Xamarin PHP and MySQL
ArduinoArduino Maya 3DPython
PlayCanvasPlayCanvas Unity_LogoUnity 2D and 3D
JavaJava Coding in C#