Coding in C#

Welcome to the Coding in C# tutorial series. With these tutorials you will learn how to code using the C# programming language. You will also learn about object-oriented programming and develop skills that you can apply to make your own apps and games for desktop and mobile platforms.

  1. Introduction to C#
  2. Variables, constants and data types
  3. Arithmetic and assignment operators
  5. Combining types in output statements
  6. Converting variables types in C#
  7. Making comparisons
  8. Switch statements
  9. While loops
  10. For loops
  11. Do while loops
  12. Arrays
  13. Foreach loops
  14. Methods
  15. Object-oriented programming
  16. Classes
  17. Inheritance
  18. Exceptions
  19. Asyncronous programming
  20. Where to go from here

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