The Adobe Animate (which used to be called Flash) software allows you to create interactive animations and games. Adobe Animate is included in the Adobe Creative Cloud suite. These tutorials explain how to get started with Flash and Animate, and how to create different types of animations and effects. You can also find tips for storyboarding and sketching your animation ideas.

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  1. Introduction to Adobe Flash CS6
  2. How to create a motion tween effect in Adobe Flash CS6
  3. How to create a morphing (shape tween) effect
  4. How to morph text
  5. How to mask text
  6. How to spin objects using a motion tween rotation
  7. How to draw your own objects in Adobe Flash
  8. How to orient a symbol to a motion tween path
  9. How to use gradients in Adobe Flash
  10. How to crop objects outside the stage in Adobe Flash
  11. How to create a tint fade effect
  12. How to create a zoom and fade effect
  13. How to create a ripple effect
  14. How to create a photo mask effect
  15. How to add sound to an animation
  16. How to export your animation to a movie file
  17. Create a looping walk cycle animation

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