PlayCanvas is an open-source 3D game development engine you can use to design and develop 3D games with the JavaScript programming language. You can get started for free, designing and coding in a web browser. All your projects are saved in the cloud and can be played in any modern browser.

Here you will find tutorials on PlayCanvas game development. These tutorials will teach you how to create your own 3D game using PlayCanvas and the JavaScript programming language. You don’t need any programming experience before you start following these tutorials.

  1. Getting started with PlayCanvas
  2. Entities and materials
  3. Lighting
  4. Skyboxes
  5. Particle systems
  6. An overview of scripts
  7. Make a 3D object move with code
  8. Moving objects with keyboard input
  9. Rotating objects with keyboard input
  10. Rigid Bodies and Collision
  11. Adding sound to your game
  12. Controlling sound with scripts
  13. Add a first person character controller
  14. Moving an object with force

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