WoofJS is a JavaScript library for making games. It is inspired by Scratch and makes a great transition from coding in Scratch to coding in a programming language like JavaScript. These tutorials will help you begin making your own 2D games in WoofJS. To get started, select a tutorial below.


  1. Creating your first game with WoofJS
  2. Coding an apple catcher game
  3. Creating an emoji chase game


  1. How to change the backdrop colour
  2. Create a countdown timer
  3. Create a countup timer
  4. Prevent the player disappearing off the edges of the screen
  5. Make the player teleport from one edge of the screen to another
  6. Make player jump (with gravity)
  7. Make an enemy patrol/move around randomly
  8. Make an object follow the mouse
  9. Make an enemy follow the player
  10. Flip the player to look in each direction
  11. Add a high score to a game
  12. Add more levels to a game