Welcome to the tutorial series on building mobile apps for Android and iOS with Xamarin and the C# programming language. In this tutorial series you will learn how to use the Xamarin platform to design and develop mobile apps for both major smartphone operating systems – Android and iOS. The great news is you can start using Xamarin for free and make your first app in minutes!

This tutorial series will guide you through the app development process including the Xamarin installation process, screen design, and coding the features in your app. If you are new to Xamarin or C# then start with the very first tutorial, otherwise you can jump ahead if you are looking for something in particular or already have some experience.

Please select from the tutorials below:

  1. What is Xamarin?
  2. Installing Xamarin (Mac)
  3. Installing Xamarin (Windows)
  4. Hello world!
  5. Variables and strings
  6. Integers and floats
  7. Conditional programming
  8. Switch statements
  9. While loops
  10. For loops
  11. Methods
  12. Creating your first Android app
  13. Improving the Android Temperature Converter App
  14. Creating your first iOS app
  15. Improving the iOS Temperature Converter App
  16. Making a Cookie Clicker game for Android
  17. Making a Cookie Clicker game for iOS
  18. Changing your Android app icon
  19. Publishing your Android app
  20. Adding more screens to an Android app
  21. Adding more screens to an iOS app
  22. Send SMS from Android app with Xamarin
  23. Adding a ListView to an Android app
  24. Adding click events to a ListView in an Android app
  25. Adding a relative layout to an Android screen
  26. Passing data between screens on Android
  27. Passing data between screens on iOS
  28. Play audio in an Android app
  29. Play audio in an iOS app
  30. Creating a List app for iOS
  31. Adding a Details screen to the iOS List app
  32. Adding thumbnail images to list rows in the iOS List App
  33. Adding radio buttons to an Android app New!
  34. Adding toggle buttons to an Android app New!
  35. Using Toasts to display messages in Android New!
  36. Creating a custom list for an Android app New!
  37. More tutorials coming soon!

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