Controlling 2D player animations with C# code in Unity

In this tutorial, you will learn how to control player animations in your 2D game with C# code in Unity. Watch the video below and then scroll down for the sample code.

Sample code

using UnityEngine;
using System.Collections;

public class PlayerController : MonoBehaviour {

  public float speed = 5f;
  public float jumpSpeed = 8f;
  private float movement = 0f;
  private Rigidbody2D rigidBody;
  public Transform groundCheckPoint;
  public float groundCheckRadius;
  public LayerMask groundLayer;
  private bool isTouchingGround;
  private Animator playerAnimation;

  // Use this for initialization
  void Start () {
    rigidBody = GetComponent<Rigidbody2D> ();
    playerAnimation = GetComponent<Animator> ();
  // Update is called once per frame
  void Update () {
    isTouchingGround = Physics2D.OverlapCircle (groundCheckPoint.position, groundCheckRadius, groundLayer);
    movement = Input.GetAxis ("Horizontal");
    if (movement > 0f) {
      rigidBody.velocity = new Vector2 (movement * speed, rigidBody.velocity.y);
    else if (movement < 0f) {
      rigidBody.velocity = new Vector2 (movement * speed, rigidBody.velocity.y);
    else {
      rigidBody.velocity = new Vector2 (0,rigidBody.velocity.y);

    if(Input.GetButtonDown ("Jump") && isTouchingGround){
      rigidBody.velocity = new Vector2(rigidBody.velocity.x,jumpSpeed);

    playerAnimation.SetFloat ("Speed", Mathf.Abs (rigidBody.velocity.x));
    playerAnimation.SetBool ("OnGround", isTouchingGround);

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