Installing Xamarin (Mac)

If you want to install Xamarin on Windows then go here. If you want to install Xamarin on Mac then watch the video below or scroll down to read the instructions.

The instructions below are for the Mac operating system installing all components. You can also view the official Xamarin instructions on installing Xamarin on Mac and Windows here.

Step 1

Download Xamarin from and locate the installer file once it has downloaded.


Make sure if you are developing iOS apps that you also have Xcode installed on your Mac. You can download Xcode from It may already be installed on your Mac but make sure you have the latest version.


Step 2

Run the Xamarin installer and then double-click on the Xamarin icon to start the installation.


You may see an alert message like the one shown below. If you see the message below, click on Open.


Step 3

Review and accept the license to proceed with the installation. Check the box that says ‘I agree to the license terms‘ and then click on Continue.


Step 4

Now the installer will check if you already have any of the required components. It will then provide you with options to install any required components that are not already installed. Select the products you would like to install – this depends on what platforms you want to make native apps for.

If you want to make both Android and iOS apps, then select both Xamarin.Android and Xamarin.iOS. You can also select Mac if you want to develop Mac apps. Then click on Continue.


Step 5

If you have chosen to install Xamarin.Android then you will be notified that the Android SDK needs to install. Click on Continue.


You will then be shown all of the components that will be installed. Click on Continue to begin the installation.


Step 6

The Xamarin installer will begin downloading and installing the required components.


Hang around during the installation process because you may be asked to enter your password a few times to give permission to install the required components. Simply enter your password and click OK each time you see the message below.


Step 9

And you’re done! If you see the message below then Xamarin has successfully been installed on your computer. If something goes wrong or the installation fails, then you may see error messages (scroll down for more info). Once Xamarin has installed, you can run it from the Launchpad on your Mac.


There are a few reasons why the installation could fail but one of the most common reasons is that your computer runs out of available storage space during the installation. To fix this, make some more space available by deleting unwanted files and then try installing Xamarin again – don’t worry, you shouldn’t have to start downloading everything from the beginning, just what didn’t get downloaded.

The next thing you should do if you intend to make and test Android apps, is to download and install the Xamarin Android Player. It is much faster for testing your apps than the built-in Virtual Device Manager.

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