Unity Keyboard Shortcuts

This page provides some of the keyboard shortcuts you can use to work faster in Unity. More keyboard shortcuts can be found on the Unity website.

Function Windows keyboard combination Mac keyboard combination
 Save  Ctrl + S  Command + S
 Undo  Ctrl + Z  Command + Z
 Redo  Ctrl + Y  Shift + Command + Z
 Pan  Q  Q
 Move  W  W
 Rotate  E  E
 Scale  R  R
 Snap  Ctrl + Left Mouse  Button  Command + Left  Mouse Button
 Vertex Snap  P  P
 Play  Ctrl + P  Command + P
 Pause  Ctrl + Shift + P  Command + Shift + P
 Step  Ctrl + Alt + P  Alt + Command + P
 Frame (centre)  selection  F  F
 Refresh  Ctrl + R  Command + R
 Duplicate  Ctrl + D  Command + D