OnShape CAD Tutorials

Onshape is web-based CAD (Computer Aided Design) software for parts, assemblies, and drawings. Onshape uses sketch-based modelling where you create a 3D model out of a combination of 2D sketches and 3D features. You can use Onshape to create CAD drawings and 3D models of parts and products, and architectural drawings. There is a free public version, a free educational version for students and educators, and paid versions that offer more features. In this tutorial series, we will use the free version.

Select from the tutorial videos below:

  1. Introduction to Onshape (setting up your account and creating documents)
  2. Sketching and extruding shapes
  3. Selecting and deleting mistakes
  4. Extruding sketches made up of multiple shapes
  5. Using the Revolve tool
  6. How to cut a shape out of a model
  7. Using the Equal constraint tool to make edges have the same length
  8. Using the Sweep tool to make a profile shape follow a path
  9. Using the Loft tool
  10. Fillet and chamfer
  11. Using the Thicken tool
  12. Using the Draft tool
  13. Using the Rib tool
  14. Removing surfaces from shapes with the Shell tool
  15. Practice Exercise #1: Make a coffee mug
  16. More videos coming soon…