The Arduino is an open-source microcontroller that allows you to build your own electronic devices and program them using the C programming language. You can build robots, automated devices, and Internet of Things devices using one of the many affordable Arduino boards and the free Arduino IDE software. In this tutorial series, you will learn how to use the Arduino Uno board and C-language code to build a range of awesome projects.

All tutorials include a video which explains what to do and the source code which you can use and modify as you wish. You can start with the vert first tutorial (if you’re new to Arduino) or jump ahead if you’re looking for something in particular. Have fun!

  1. Getting started with Arduino (blinking LED project)
  2. Making an LED sensor light with Arduino
  3. Christmas lights project
  4. Controlling an LED using a mobile app and Bluetooth
  5. Arduino weather station project (with temperature sensor)
  6. Building a 2WD Arduino robotic car
  7. Building a 4WD autonomous car with Arduino