Welcome to the Adobe Illustrator tutorial series. You can access several tutorials to help you get started using Adobe Illustrator software to design your own graphics and also follow the steps to create laser cutter designs that work with several laser cutter machines.

Introduction to Adobe Illustrator

  1. Getting started with Adobe Illustrator
  2. Working with gradients in Illustrator
  3. Using the Pen Tool and Direct Selection Tool in Illustrator
  4. Using the Shape Builder Tool in Illustrator
  5. Using the Shaper Tool in Illustrator
  6. Creating Gradients in Illustrator
  7. Working with Symbols in Illustrator
  8. How to create a circular repeating pattern in Illustrator
  9. How to make pixel art in Illustrator
  10. Typography in Adobe Illustrator
  11. How to create a 3D bottle in Adobe Illustrator
  12. How to create a 3D box package in Adobe Illustrator
  13. Using Adobe Shape CC app to turn hand-drawn sketches into Illustrator drawings

Laser Cutting with Adobe Illustrator

  1. Laser cutting with Adobe Illustrator
  2. How to convert a bitmap image into a line drawing (or how to trace an image)
  3. Laser engraving a bitmap image using Illustrator

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