JavaScript tutorials

You can access all of the JavaScript tutorials here! Nearly every tutorial includes a video that shows you exactly what to do along with sample code so you can try it out yourself. All tutorials are listed so that you can start with basic coding concepts and gradually move up to intermediate and advanced concepts.

  1. Hello World! (display a simple message in the browser)
  2. Variables and data types
  3. Operators
  4. Strings
  5. Events
  6. Functions
  7. Variable scope
  8. Arrays
  9. Finding the length of arrays (and strings)
  10. Multidimensional arrays
  11. If statements (if, else if, else)
  12. Nested If statements
  13. Using and/or operators in a complex If statement
  14. Switch statements
  15. While loops
  16. Do..while loops
  17. For loops
  18. Looping through arrays (and strings)
  19. Objects, Properties and Methods
  20. Using the getElementById() method
  21. Changing an image using getElementById() method
  22. Swapping images back and forth using JavaScript
  23. Swapping images using an interval timer
  24. Taking user input from a form
  25. Treating text input from a form as an integer
  26. Submitting forms
  27. Validating form data
  28. Radio buttons and form validation
  29. Checkboxes and form validation
  30. Alert boxes and confirmation boxes
  31. JavaScript prompts (user input boxes)
  32. Keyboard events in JavaScript
  33. Introduction to JSON
  34. Making a 2D game with JavaScript and HTML5 canvas
  35. Make a multiple-choice quiz with JavaScript

Where to next?

If you have completed the JavaScript tutorials and have a craving to learn more, then why not check out the HTML5 canvas? You can use the HTML5 canvas and JavaScript to draw shapes, make animations and develop games! Click here to check out the HTML5 canvas tutorials.

Sample code for JS projects

You can also access the code to different JS projects here:

  1. JavaScript calculator program
  2. JavaScript quiz program

Learn to code today!