Here you will find a range of tutorial videos to help you get started with 3D animation, modelling and simulation using the Autodesk Maya software. These tutorials demonstrate using Maya 2016 on MacOS. However, the steps in the tutorials are mostly the same for newer versions of Maya and on Windows (mostly the only differences between MacOS and Windows are the keyboard shortcuts).

If you’ve never used Maya before then start with the first tutorial, otherwise you can jump ahead if you already have some experience or if you’re looking for something in particular.

  1. How to download your free Maya student license
  2. Navigation basics in Maya
  3. Creating, moving, rotating, and scaling 3D shapes
  4. Working with individual components of a shape
  5. Keyframe animation in Maya
  6. Changing the colour, material, texture and lighting of a shape
  7. Creating cameras and rendering in Maya
  8. Boolean modeling in Maya (adding, subtracting and intersecting 3D objects)
  9. Basic lighting and emitting lights from objects in Maya
  10. How to use an image file as a texture in Maya
  11. Motion path animation in Maya
  12. Extruding along a curve in Maya
  13. Creating and animating 3D text in Maya
  14. Editing curves in Maya
  15. Animating materials, lights and cameras
  16. An introduction to skeletons in Maya
  17. Animate a skeleton on a motion path in Maya
  18. Connecting joints in Maya
  19. Exporting 3D models from Maya into Unity

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Please note: These videos are not monetised and no advertisements are placed in any of these videos. They are produced for educational purposes only and are not made for profit.